How to import product to Shopify

There are two ways to add AliExpress products to DropShipMan:


After editing the product, if you want to see the product in the products list of Shopify admin, you need to import it from Dropshipman to Shopify. After importing the product, we will track their price and inventory changes according to your setting. Soon the status of this product will appear in the notifications list.

Import Single Products

Above the product banner, there is an import products button. Click this button to import this product into shopify.

my products single import product_dropshipman


Bulk Import Products

Except for single import, select all products to import all products in batches. Click "select all 10+ products", and then select "Import products", all match products in the list will be imported at once.

* Attention: Due to shopify's rate limitation on the interface, this may take a long time for large number of products. Please have a cup of coffee and take a break :).

my products bulk import products_dropshipman