Why us? Dropshipman is trusted by over 40,000 Ecom merchants. We have helped fulfilled over 40 million orders. Choose Dropshipman, and you can scale your business to the next level easily: 1. High quality products at 50% lower prices; 2. Repackaging your product with 3-layer cart boxes; 3. Bundle your products in one order to

When a product does not record a supplier in our app, it will be marked as “Unknown”. In other words, this product is neither connected to AliExpress products nor supplied by us.So Sourcing and Connection functions can handle this kind of product order. Option 1: Sourcing product andSupplied by Dropshipman Option 2:Connection with AliExpress products.

Why prepare products in advance? In this way, if there is an order, we will mark the order as paid and pending shipment by default. You don’t need to place an order in the app anymore. If there is an address error or the inventory is 0, we will notify you by email. In this

At dropshipman, we also offering custom packaging for users like you to brand your store. In this short article, the process will be explained in more detail. How does it work? Go to the custom packaging section: There are 3 types of custom packaging available: Card with logo (MOQ -500 Pieces ) Tape with Logo,

This guide is dedicated to using Dropshipman to fulfill orders. If you want to learn how to forward orders to AliExpress and complete payment on AliExpress, please check this article instead. Here, we’ll focus on two typical situations below: Situation1£ºLet Dropshipman source products for you Situation2£ºOrder products directly from Dropshipman Situation1 Warm Reminder: If you’ve

Do you like our help center?Please follow the steps. Step 1: Add a new section name “help-center”: Paste the code blow: copy <style> ul#help-center-category > li { border: {{ section.settings.border_px }}px solid transparent; } ul#help-center-category :hover { background: {{ section.settings.color_category_active }}; } .background-active { background: {{ section.settings.color_category_active }}; } ul#help-center-category > li:hover { border-color:{{ section.settings.border_color

Settings > Profile There issome configurations of the product fields imported into Shopify. Set new products as published– When you import products from the My Products list, chosen if they visible to your customers. (Clickherefor more details about Shopify Products) Set products as taxable–Specifies whether or not a tax is charged when the product variant

Settings > Notification In general, dropshipman will update product data every 6 hours, and every 2 hours for orders. This part is mainly the feature of automatic update and notifications. Auto Update Notifications method Auto Update When your products are imported into shopify, we will keep track of their status on AliExpress.If these states have

Settings > Price rules Price rules are used when importing products to DropShipMan or when the prices of imported products are updated. Global price rules Adjust the price Assign cents You may follow the steps in the video tutorial below. Global price rules Base price rules Shopify presets two fields for the price, one is

Settings > Shipping DropShipMan will selects the default shipping method according to your settings when placing orders in batches. Personalized Shipping Methods Contact information Personalized Shipping Methods Base shipping methods If the order shipped to the country you specify, DropShipMan will select the shipping method you configured according to the order you configured. In this

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