These days, the majority of people prefer buying things using their phones. And this has led online retailers to sell stuff without stocking it in their own stores.  The person who buys the product from online retailers gets it straight from the company that makes it. This model is called Dropshipping.  Due to its low

Have you ever ordered from AliExpress, and then asked yourself just how long it would take for the delivery? I am sure I do – once that order is placed and the package is on its way, the feeling of looking at the tracking status and waiting for the delivery of the long-awaited gadget or

As TikTok has become one of the largest video platforms on the Internet, TikTok has introduced several additional features like TikTok Shipping. If you have ever seen the option to buy products from a TikTok video, it is most likely using TikTok Shipping for the same. Thus, whether you want to buy from TikTok or

TikTok Dropshipping success hinges on effective advertising and product supplier. And when it comes to younger audiences, TikTok advertising can be highly effective and profitable. According to a study, an average user spends 20 hours on TikTok every month, and Dropshipping TikTok Ads can help businesses reach around 885 million adults— that is, 18% of

Facebook Marketplace is a feature introduced by FB in 2016. It began as a platform for Facebook users to trade goods locally, allowing users to browse trade posts, search for items for sale in their area, or find items that support delivery. And then Facebook extended Marketplace to merchants, allowing users to browse both goods

Dropshipping may seem to be a complicated word, but it is pretty simple. It is a retail method where the seller does not hold any inventory. Rather than that, they buy a product from another supplier after selling it and send it directly to the customer. TikTok is the ideal place for dropshipping because of

Selling on TikTok Shop is an exciting opportunity. But before you can reach over a billion users, there’s one important process to go through. As someone considering using TikTok Commerce, you’ve probably heard about product certification and may be wondering what exactly it involves. In this guide, we’ll explain what product certification on TikTok Shop

Dropshipping has become a hot trend in e-commerce over the past few years. It offers dropshippers a low-risk, low-cost opportunity to start their own business. More and more people are choosing to open dropshipping stores. Traffic becomes the key to the success of dropshipping business.  In this article, we will talk about the level of

With its unique video format and strong focus on viral trends, TikTok offers an incredible opportunity to dropship niche products with massive potential. However, how to find winning dropshipping products on TikTok that are guaranteed to attract buyers? Well, continue reading, because here we’ll share everything about TikTok dropshipping product research. By the end, you’ll

Thinking about digitally running a TikTok Shop? It’s somehow hard to get started, but CJ Dropshipping TikTok can be a way to start. Dropshipping allows you to make sales without the need to keep stock. After making your sale, CJ will do the rest, it acts as your supplier and stores, packs, and ships products to

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